Give Green Now!

At Keep Arkansas Beautiful, we spend every day celebrating our state. In our 25th year - what we're calling our "Greeniversary" - we invite you to celebrate along with us. We want to see your photos and videos of Arkansas, share recycling and sustainability tips, and honor the state we love.

Everyone who calls Arkansas home or has a love for Arkansas is a part of this celebration, so get involved! Your donation of $5, $10, $25 or more will go a long way in commemorating this monumental year by supporting our efforts to keep Arkansas clean and green. Let your friends know about the celebration, too! Use #greeniversary whenever you post on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram about how you're helping keep Arkansas clean - especially if you give your green to celebrate our Greeniversary!

Give your green here.

Or mail your checks to: Keep Arkansas Beautiful Foundation
P.O. Box 22616
Little Rock, AR 72221-2616

25 Years of Green

Twenty-five years ago, Arkansas was already focused on becoming a cleaner state. June 13, 1989, Governor Bill Clinton signed a Proclamation creating a 30 member Keep Arkansas Beautiful Commission to become a state affiliate of Keep America Beautiful, Inc. Shortly afterwards Keep Arkansas Beautiful, Inc was formed as a supporting non-profit to fund the commission’s efforts.

Following the passage of Amendment 75, creating a conservation sales tax that included sustainable funding for keeping Arkansas beautiful, a new Keep Arkansas Beautiful Commission was created by Act 1278 of 1997. This replaced the original commission. Keep Arkansas Beautiful, Inc was expanded in 2002, changing its name to Keep Arkansas Beautiful Foundation. Today it continues to offer financial support to activities of the commission as well as develop complementary environmental proprietary programs.

Throughout the proud 25 year history of the Keep Arkansas Beautiful progress, both commission and foundation programs have successfully contributed to Arkansas becoming cleaner, greener, more attractive and inviting, creating environmental enhancement, economic vibrancy and improving quality of life.

Change Arkansas

This spring, children in Arkansas schools will be changing our state one quarter at a time. The KAB Foundation and local elementary schools will participate in a change collection drive from April through May in celebration and support of Keep Arkansas Beautiful. Classrooms will collect quarters in their very own creative containers made from reused and recycled materials. For ideas, visit the Keep Arkansas Beautiful Pinterest page!

The KAB Foundation will provide parent communication about this effort and a post-event news release to each participating school, and will pick up the donations at the conclusion of the drive. Participating schools will also receive a tax receipt for the amount donated. For more information about how to get involved, contact Maria Matoska at